Group Obedience Classes

Group obedience classes are held yearly in the spring and fall, and sometimes winter. With a few exceptions all classes are held with dogs on leash. The commands of sit, down, stay, come, and leash manners ( heeling ) are emphasized). Group classes are also an excellent opportunity to socialize your dog by being around other dogs and people in a controlled situation. For further details about the classes please contact me so I can put you on a list of being interested and contact you about further class details once I have specific dates and times selected.

I usually hold group obedience classes in spring and fall and sometimes in the winter (Indoors). Each session usually lasts an hour for a total of 6 sessions altogether.  Training is both basic and in the spring advanced classes are offered.

Basic dog obedience classes involve the commands sit, down, stay, come (Recalls), and leash manners (Heeling). For handler/dog teams wishing to attend an advanced class, they must be proficient in all basic obedience skills.

Advanced classes last 6 weeks. Areas covered include heeling, recalls, stays, fronts and finishes.. Most of these skills will be taught off leash.  Rally competition skills will also be covered. By completing my advanced class, you can be ready to compete at the Novice Obedience level and also Rally competition at AKC dog shows around the country. Spring sessions for basic and advanced classes will begin in early spring 2022.

If you wish know ahead of time about any upcoming classes, send me your name, email address, phone number and you will be notified.

Group Obedience Classes
Collar adjustment needed for group class
Collar adjustment needed for group class
Basic obedience class in Florence, MT - Spring 2018
   I highly recommend Gary Kammerer as a dog trainer for either a young puppy just learning his/her basic obedience, or for the older dog needing a tune up or dog handler pair wanting to go on to more advanced obedience work.
   Gary is fun to work with, and his teaching methods are straight forward and easy for both dog and handler to understand and learn from. I took his basic obedience class with my then 8-month-old German Shepherd, and then went on to more advanced obedience work with the goal of eventually showing obedience.
   Gary is very helpful in working through problems that might show up during training, and every dog in our basic class finished the class vastly improved from when we all started.

Tonya McCluskey, Hamilton