Group Obedience Classes

Upcoming Obedience Classes:

Basic dog obedience classes to begin in January near Hamilton and in March in Missoula, Florence, and Hamilton.  Dates for these classes will be published by December 11, 2017.  If you are interested in pre-enrollment, please contact me.

Phone 406-777-3527

Pet Partner therapy dog evaluations to be held at Community Medical Center in Missoula on Saturday, Nov. 11.  If you may be interested please contact me as soon as possible for registration requirements.(Email and phone same as above)

Most of these classes are for basic obedience. Sits, downs, stays, recalls, and leash manners. These sessions usually last for 7 weeks.

Occasionally I offer advanced classes which involves training for competitive obedience trials. These classes teach more disciplined, precise training.

I have competed in AKC obedience trials and titled dogs from Novice all the way through the Utility level.