Gary Kammerer
Kate and Allie
My dogs, “Kate” (Border Collie) “Allie” (German Shepherd) Very close friends.

In 1993, after 20 years of teaching school, I retired and began teaching people how to train their dogs. Besides obedience training I am also involved with service dog and therapy dog training (both of which require strong obedience training) , personal in the home consultations and obedience lessons( including help with problem dogs).I also hold group basic obedience classes from Missoula, MT down to Hamilton, MT. For 12 years I was involved in AKC competitive obedience in which I was able to title my dogs all the way from Novice up to the Utility level which was valuable, personal hands on obedience training for me up to a very high level. I am also a handler and evaluator for Pet Partners out of Bellevue, WA, which is an organization that trains and certifies handlers and their dogs to become Therapy Dog teams. This is the most gratifying work I do with my dogs.

   I highly recommend Gary Kammerer as a dog trainer for either a young puppy just learning his/her basic obedience, or for the older dog needing a tune up or dog handler pair wanting to go on to more advanced obedience work.
   Gary is fun to work with, and his teaching methods are straight forward and easy for both dog and handler to understand and learn from. I took his basic obedience class with my then 8-month-old German Shepherd, and then went on to more advanced obedience work with the goal of eventually showing obedience.
   Gary is very helpful in working through problems that might show up during training, and every dog in our basic class finished the class vastly improved from when we all started.

Tonya McCluskey, Hamilton