In 1994 I retired from teaching school and decided get into the field of dog training. I now work on teaching people how to improve their relationship with their dogs and to become better dog handlers. I live near Stevensville, Montana and for the past 20 years have been involved with dog training in Western Montana. I am also a member of Pet Partners out of Seattle, Washington as a Pet Partner with my dogs visiting various facilities and sharing them with others in the role as therapy dogs. I am also a licensed evaluator with Pet Partners which involves training and evaluating people and their dogs to become certified Pet Partners and do therapy dog work. I have had dogs all my life and currently have two Border Collies I use for demonstration dogs in my obedience classes and for therapy dog work.

My basic approach in providing these services is to keep the methods as simple and straight forward as possible. I believe in the use of positive reinforcements to teach dogs basic skills. Whenever possible I try to minimize the cost of training supplies and keep the training methods as simple as possible. My main goal is to personalize my training with my clients, even in group settings.