Service/Therapy Dog Training

Service Dogs

For the past 10 years I have been involved in helping individuals train to have their dogs become service dogs for them.  This process begins with a personal consultation with my client to find out information about what service the dog is to provide, whether the  dog is a good candidate for this training.  The goal of this training is to have client and dog being able to pass a standardized test that is given at the end of the training period. Please contact me for further information about this process.
The basic difference between a service dog and therapy dog is that a service dog provides a specific service (or services) for an individual (and no one else).  These services can be for physical or psychological reasons.  A therapy dog is one that a handler shares with others for their enjoyment, or for therapeutic reasons.

Therapy Dogs

I have been a member of Pet Partners, a national organization that promotes the use of therapy dogs.  Getting your dog certified through Pet Partners qualifies you for their support in helping you have a dog that has  high standards of qualifications to do this sort of work. I encourage anyone interested in finding out more about Pet Partners and therapy dogs to contact me personally and visit  I am available to give you information about what’s involved in becoming a Pet Partner with your dog and getting involved in a very gratifying way to share your dog with others.
Rosey Service Dog

“Rosey” A wonderful Pit Bull that became a Service Dog for a Veteran in Missoula, Montana

Henry Service Dog

“Henry” a rescued, shelter dog that became a wonderful Service Dog in Missoula, Montana