Doing personal, in-home, consultations with clients involves the majority of time I spend each year in my business. I offer this service 7 days a week for those who want individual help with issues concerning their dogs.  These issues can be all the way from raising a new puppy to more  serious problems such as aggression. I begin each session going over a questionnaire to find out details about their dog going over and above any specific problems they may have.  This helps me get a better idea of their overall temperament and why certain behaviors may be happening.  I also like to heel and interact with the dog which also can give me a better idea of their overall temperament.  I then offer ideas and demonstrate techniques to help overcome their issues with the dog.  After these sessions I like to follow up with my clients to see if progress is being made.  Puppy consultations are my favorite.  At a young age dogs love to learn and can do so quickly.  A puppy should start trained to learn how to live in their human world in which they now exist the day they arrive in their new home.


Please contact me for more information about my consultations.